Open Senate Committee Positions (9/10/2014)

To Be Elected:

Senate Executive Committee – All Senate members from a given college, except the current Executive Committee member from that college (providing he or she is completing a full term) shall be eligible for election to the Executive Committee.

BCOE faculty (2014-2017)

STEM faculty (2014-2017)

Elections and Balloting

STEM (2014-2016) – All faculty members eligible for Senate election in a given college shall be eligible for election to the Elections and Balloting Committee for that college.

Charter and Bylaws

2 positions – Anyone eligible for Senate membership shall be eligible for election to the Charter and Bylaws Committee.

General Education

STEM faculty (2014-2017)

BCHHS faculty (2014-2017)

To Be Appointed by Senate Chair/Executive Committee:

Academic Programs

BCOE faculty

WCBA faculty

Student Academic Affairs

1 position (faculty), any college

Student Academic Grievance Subcommittee

BCOE faculty


2 positions, faculty of any college

BCOE faculty

STEM faculty

Professional Conduct Committee

WCBA (2014-2017), tenured faculty member

Please contact Chet Cooper if you are interested in any of the above listed positions.

In recognition of the essential role of the faculty in the development of policies concerning the academic functions and activities of the University, it is appropriate for the Senate to have primary responsibility for the development of new policies, or changes in existing policies, integral and essential to the academic functions and activities of the University.

In further recognition of the responsibilities of the faculty to the University community, the Senate shall have the right to make such studies as it considers necessary, and recommend to the administration changes that said studies indicate are appropriate.

– YSU Academic Senate Charter