Open Senate Committee Positions (9/10/2014)

To Be Elected:

Senate Executive Committee – All Senate members from a given college, except the current Executive Committee member from that college (providing he or she is completing a full term) shall be eligible for election to the Executive Committee.

BCOE faculty (2014-2017)

STEM faculty (2014-2017)

Elections and Balloting

STEM (2014-2016) – All faculty members eligible for Senate election in a given college shall be eligible for election to the Elections and Balloting Committee for that college.

Charter and Bylaws

2 positions – Anyone eligible for Senate membership shall be eligible for election to the Charter and Bylaws Committee.

General Education

STEM faculty (2014-2017)

BCHHS faculty (2014-2017)

To Be Appointed by Senate Chair/Executive Committee:

Academic Programs

BCOE faculty

WCBA faculty

Student Academic Affairs

1 position (faculty), any college

Student Academic Grievance Subcommittee

BCOE faculty


2 positions, faculty of any college

BCOE faculty

STEM faculty

Professional Conduct Committee

WCBA (2014-2017), tenured faculty member

Please contact Chet Cooper if you are interested in any of the above listed positions.

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