HLC Steering Committee

The following are members of the YSU Reaccreditation Steering Committee as discussed in Senate yesterday.

  • Kevin Ball Coordinating Committee
  • Hillary Fuhrman Coordinating Committee
  • Joseph Palardy Coordinating Committee
  • Tysa Egleton Coordinating Committee, Chair of Federal Compliance Committee
  • Michael Reagle Student Success Representative
  • Mike Crist Criterion I Co-Chair
  • Mary Lou DiPillo Criterion I Co-Chair
  • Gregg Sturrus Criterion II Co-Chair
  • Cathy Bieber Parrott Criterion II Co-Chair
  • Sal Sanders Criterion III Co-Chair
  • Jeff Trimble Criterion III Co-Chair
  • Julia Gergits Criterion IV Co-Chair
  • Joe Mistovich Criterion IV Co-Chair
  • Betty Jo Licata Criterion V Co-Chair
  • Katrena Davidson Criterion V Co-Chair
  • Cary Wecht Communications Co-Chair
  • Ron Cole Communications Co-Chair

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