List of Senate Members


Academic Senate Members

Williamson College of Business Administration (WCBA)

Emre Ulusoy, Marketing, At Large 2017-2018

William Vendemia, Management, At Large 2017-2018

Jeremy Schwartz, Accounting and Finance, At Large 2017-2018

Laura Dewberry, Marketing, At Large 2017-2018

Birsen Karpak, Accounting and Finance, At Large 2017-2018

Kendra Fowler, Marketing, Departmental 2017-2019

Rebecca Badawy, Management, Departmental 2016-2018

Peter Woodlock, Accounting and Finance, Departmental 2016-2018

Bitonte College of Health and Human Services (BCHHS)

Ruth Palich, Health Professions, At Large 2017-2018

Ken Learman, Physical Therapy, At Large 2017-2018

John Hazy, Criminal Justice, At Large 2017-2018

Mary Shortreed, Nursing, At Large 2017-2018

Sue Lisko, Nursing, At Large 2017-2018

Amanda Roby, Health Professions, At Large 2017-2018

Monica Merrill, Criminal Justice, Departmental 2017-2019

Andrea Barrick, Social Work, Departmental 2017-2019

Cara Carramusa, Physical Therapy, Departmental 2017-2019

Kelly Clark, Nursing, Departmental 2017-2019

Suzanne Smith, Health Professions, Departmental 2016-2018

Frank Bosso, Human Perf. Exer. Sci. , Departmental 2016-2018

Abel Waithaka, Human Ecology, Departmental 2016-2018

Part-Time Faculty Senators

Rachel Faerber-Ovaska, CLASS

Joe Nuzzi, CLASS

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS)

Eleanor Congdon, History, At Large 2017-2018

Diana Awad Scrocco, English, At Large 2017-2018

Diana Palardy, Foreign Languages, At Large 2017-2018

Albert Sumell, Economics, At Large 2017-2018

Bill Buckler, Geography, At Large 2017-2018

Yogesh Uppal, Economics, At Large 2017-2018

Amy Flick, English, Departmental 2017-2019

Mustansir Mir, Philosophy and Religion, Departmental 2017-2019

Adam Fuller, Political Science, Departmental 2017-2019

Amanda Fehlbaum, Sociology/Anthropology, Departmental 2017-2019

Tomi Ovaska, Economics, Departmental 2016-2018

Gina Villamizar, Foreign Language, Departmental 2016-2018

Dawna Cerney, Geography, Departmental 2016-2018

Donna DeBlasio, History, Departmental 2016-2018

James Juergensen, Psychology, Departmental 2016-2018

College of Creative Arts and Communication (CCAC)

Max Grubb, Communications, At Large 2017-2018

C. Austin Hill, Theater and Dance, At Large 2017-2018

J. Paul Louth, Music, At Large 2017-2018

Hae-Jong Lee, Music, At Large 2017-2018

Dragana Crnjak, Art, At Large 2017-2018

Cicilia Yudha, Music, At Large 2017-2018

Katherine Garlick, Theater and Dance, Departmental 2017-2019

Amy Crawford, Communication, Departmental 2016-2018

Alice Wang, Music, Departmental 2017-2019

Claudia Berlinkski, Art, Departmental 2016-2018

College Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (CSTEM)

Jodie Krontiris-Litowitz, Biological Sciences, At Large 2017-2018

Carol Lamb, Engineering Technology, At Large 2017-2018

Gregg Sturrus, Physics & Astronomy, At Large 2017-2018

Diana Fagan, Biological Sciences, At Large 2017-2018

Chet Cooper, Biological Sciences, At Large 2017-2018

Lucy Kerns, Math & Statistics, At Large 2017-2018

Nina Stourman, Chemistry, At Large 2017-2018

Alan Jacobs, Geology and Env. Sci., Departmental 2017-2019

Bob Kramer, Comp. Sci. Inf. Sys., Departmental 2017-2019

Carl Johnston, Biological Sciences, Departmental 2017-2019

John Jackson, Chemistry, Departmental 2017-2019

Alicia Prieto, Mathematics/Statistics, Departmental 2017-2019

Kyosung Choo, Mech. Industrial Eng., Departmental 2016-2018

Snjezana Balaz, Physics and Astronomy, Departmental 2016-2018

Faramarz Mossayebi, Elec. Computer Eng., Departmental 2016-2018

John Martin, Engineering Technology, Departmental 2016-2018

Tony Vercellino, Civil Env. Chem. Eng., Departmental 2016-2018

Beeghly College of Education (BCOE)

Kristin Bruns, Counseling Spec. Ed., At Large 2017-2018

Karen Larwin, Ed. Found. RTL, At Large 2017-2018

Amy Williams, Counseling Spec. Ed., At Large 2017-2018

Kathleen Aspiranti, Counseling Spec. Ed., At Large 2017-2018

Megan List, Teacher Education., At Large 2017-2018

Victoria Kress, Counseling Spec. Ed., Departmental 2016-2018

Jane Beese, Ed. Found. RTL, Departmental 2016-2018

Crystal Ratican, Teacher Education, Departmental 2016-2018

Administrative Senators

Kevin Ball, Associate Provost

Phyllis Paul, Dean, CACC

Jenn Pintar, Associate Provost

Claire Berardini, AVP, Stud. Success

Wim Steelant, Dean, STEM

Kristine Blair, Dean, CLASS

Charles Howell, Dean, BCOE

Gary Swegan, Assoc. VP, Enrollment

Eddie Howard, Assoc. VP, Stud. Exp.

Sal Sanders, Dean, Grad. Studies

Mike Hripko, Assoc. VP, Research

Sylvia Imler, Ex. Dir., Diver. Multi. Aff.

Amy Cossentino, Dir., Univ. Scholars

Joseph Mosca, Dean, BCHHS

Betty Jo Licata, Dean, WCBA

Student Senators

Rayann Atway, SGA President Samantha Fritz

Ernie Barkett, SGA Vice President

Anastasia Monrean

Christopher Anderson

Heather Schrecengos

Sierra Braddy

Isabel Stoeber

Jessica Cann

Ryan Slavic

Rocco Core

Mary Van Jura

Lukas Darling

Jeffrey Wiltrout

Megan Donegan

Other (Non-Voting) Attendees/Visitors

President James Tressel

Provost Martin Abraham

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