Senate Committees and Members

2016-2017 ACADEMIC SENATE COMMITTEES (as of August 13, 2016)


(BCHHS, Bitonte College of Health and Human Services; BCOE, Beeghly College of Education; CCAC, College of Creative Arts and Communication; CLASS, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences; CSTEM, College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; WCBA, Williamson College of Business Administration)


Chet Cooper (Senate Chair)

(Senate Vice Chair)

Amy Flick (Senate Secretary)

Dan O’Neil (Parliamentarian)

Ramesh Dangol, WCBA (2013-2016)

Tomi Ovaska, CLASS (2013-2016)

Patrick Spearman, BCOE (2014-2017)

Carol Lamb, CSTEM (2014–2017)

Cathy Bieber Parrott, BCHHS (2015-2018)

Adam Earnheardt, CCAC (2015-2018)

Jacob Shriner-Briggs, Student



Amy Crawford, CCAC (Previous Chair)

Sara Michaliszyn, BCHHS

Ken Learman, BCHHS

Ken Miller, BCOE

Laura Beadling, CLASS

Jim Andrews, CSTEM

Rachael Pohle-Krauza, BCHHS

Mona Bahl, WCBA

TBD, Student

Sal Sanders, Admin. (ex-officio)

Mike Hripko, Admin. (ex-officio)

Wim Steelant, Admin. (ex-officio)


Tacibaht Turel, BCHHS (Previous Chair)

Nicole Kent, BCHHS

Carrie Jackson, BCOE

Hae-Jong Lee, CCAC

Ewelina Boczkowska, CCAC

Diana Awad Scrocco, CLASS

Nina Stourman, CSTEM


TBD, Student

TBD, Student

Jackie LeViseur, Admin.

Betty Jo Licata, Admin.





Gary Walker, CSTEM (Previous Chair)

James Dombrosky, BCHHS


Rebecca Curnalia, CCAC

Amy Flick, CLASS

Cary Wecht, CCAC

Carol Lamb, CSTEM

Bill Vendemia, WCBA

TBD, Student

TBD, Student

Joe Mosca, Admin. (ex officio)

Jeanne Herman, Admin. (ex officio)

Denise Walkers-Dobson, Admin. (ex officio)

Chair, UCC (ex officio)

Chair, APC (ex officio)


Kenneth Learman, BCHHS (2014-2017) (Chair)

Jennifer Behney, CLASS (2014-2016)

Tom Wakefield, CSTEM (2014-2016)

Darlene Unger, BCOE (2015-2017)

Emre Ulusoy, WCBA (2015-2017)

Misook Yun, CCAC (2015-2017)











Mary Beth Earnheardt, CCAC (Chair)

Monica Merrill, BCHHS

Matthew Paylo, BCOE

Amy Crawford, CCAC

Jodie Krontiris-Litowitz, CSTEM

David Asch, CSTEM

Bill Buckler, CLASS


TBD, Student

Julie Felix, Admin. (ex officio)

Kris Blair, Admin. (ex officio)

Jeanne Herman, Admin. (ex-officio)

UCC Chair (ex officio)

Jayne Caputo, Admin. (ex officio; courtesy appt.)

Kevin Ball, Admin. (ex officio; courtesy appt.)


Tom Wakefield, CSTEM (Chair)

Alina Lazar, CSTEM

Susan Clutter, BCHHS

Jay Gordon, CLASS

Cicilia Yudha, CCAC

Cynthia Vigliotti, CLASS

Birsen Karpak, WCBA

TBD, Student

Sue Miller, Admin. (ex officio)

Gary Swegan, Admin. (ex officio)

APC Chair (ex officio)

Jayne Caputo, Admin. (ex-officio; courtesy appt.)



 GENERAL EDUCATION COMMITTEE          Joe Palardy (ex officio) (Coordinator by Bylaws)
Elected Representatives:

Kelly Colwell BCHHS (2018-2021)
Alina Lazar CSTEM (2018-2021)

Stacie Mickens, CCAC (2015-2018)

Cynthia Vigliotti, CLASS (2015-2018)

Peter Reday, WCBA (2016-2019)*

Mary LaVine, BCOE (2016-2019)*

*serving an extended  term pending elections


Appointed Representatives:

Randall Goldberg (Arts and Humanities) (2013-2016)

Alan Tomhave (Soc. & Pers. Awareness) (2014-2017)

Jodie Litowitz (Natural Science) (2014-2017)

Guy Shebat (Math/Writing Skills) (2015-2018)

David Simonelli, (Social Sciences) (2015-2018)

Hillary Fuhrman, Assessment

Julia Felix, Advisors

TBD, Student

TBD, Student


Thomas Madsen, CSTEM (Previous Chair ) 

Amanda Roby, BCHHS

Carrie Jackson, BCOE

Mary Beth Earnheardt, CCAC

Steven Reale, CCAC

Diana Awad Scrocco, CLASS

Joe Sanson, CSTEM

Kathleen Mumaw, WCBA

TBD, BCHHS Student

TBD, CCAC Student

TBD, CSTEM Student

TBD, BCOE Student

TBD, CLASS Student

TBD, WCBA Student

Eddie Howard, Admin. (ex officio)

Charles Howell, Admin. (ex officio)

Jennifer Pintar, Admin. (ex officio; Subcomm. Chair)



Jennifer Pintar, Admin. (Chair by Bylaws)

Amanda Roby, BCHHS

Charles Vergon, BCOE

Amy Crawford, CCAC

Dolores Sisco, CLASS

Jamal Tartir, CSTEM

Kathy Mumaw, WCBA

TBD, BCHHS Student

TBD, CCAC Student

TBD, CSTEM Student

TBD, BCOE Student

TBD, CLASS Student

TBD, WCBA Student

*Provost or designee of Provost






Susan Clutter, BCHHS  (Previous Chair)

Sara Michaliszyn, BCHHS

Margie Briley, BCOE

Randall Goldberg, CCAC

Terry Benton, CLASS

Eleanor Congdon, CLASS

Donald Priour, CSTEM


TBD, Student

TBD, Student

Ana Torres, Dir. Maag Library (ex officio)

Phyllis Paul, Admin. (ex officio)

Chuck Vergon, Admin. (ex officio)

Martha Pallante, Admin. (ex officio)


Amy Weaver, BCHHS (Previous Chair)

Rick Rogers, BCHHS

Katie Cripe, BCOE

Ewelina Boczkowska, CCAC

Laura Beadling, CLASS

David Simonelli, CLASS

Diana Fagan, CSTEM

David Stout, WCBA

TBD, Student (current/past honors student)

TBD, Student (current/past honors student)

Amy Cossentino, Dir. Honors Prog. (ex officio)

Tom Wakefield, Admin. (ex officio)



 PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT COMMITTEE Appointed by the Chair of the Academic Senate:

Ken Learman, BCHHS (2014-2017) (Previous Chair)

Tony Kos, WCBA (2014-2017)

Karen Larwin, BCOE (2015-2018)

Jill Tall, CSTEM (2015-2018)

Jeff Tyus, CCAC (2016-2019)

Tomi Ovaska, CLASS (2016-2019)

Appointed by the President of the University:

Charlie Howell (2014-2017)

Elaine Ruse (2014-2017)

Gary Walker (2015-2018)

Zara Rowlands (2015-2018)

Jeff Coldren (2016-2019)

Andrew Sheppard-Smith (2016-2019)


Chet Cooper (Senate Chair)

Ken Learman (elected), 2015-2017

Amy Flick (elected alternate), 2015-2017









Cathy Bieber Parrott, BCHHS (Previous Chair)

Lauren Cummins, BCOE

Robert Thompson, CCAC

Mark Vopat, CLASS

Todd Porter, CLASS

Feng Yu, CSTEM

Priscilla Gitimu, BCHHS

Peter Reday, WCBA

TBD, Student

TBD, Student

Wim Steelant, Admin. (ex officio)

Betty Jo Licatta, Admin. (ex officio)

Anna Torres, Admin. (ex officio)

Ken Schindler, Admin. (ex officio)

Ross Morrone, Admin. (ex officio)

Millie Rodriguez, Admin. (ex officio)

Julie Seitz, Admin. (ex officio)


Corey Andrews, CLASS (Coordinator)

Rebecca Curnalia, CCAC (2015-2017)

A.J. Sumell, CLASS (2015-2017)

Kin Moy, CSTEM (2015-2018)

Bill Vendemia, WCBA (2015-2018)

Patricia Hoyson, BCHHS (2016-2019)

Jane Beese, BCOE (2016-2019)

TBD, Student (2016-2017)











VACANT (Admin.),

Amanda Roby (CCAC)

Megan Evans (student)

Jane Beese (BCOE)

Ellen Jones (CCAC)

Gary Walker (CSTEM)

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