Undergraduate Curriculum Meeting Schedule

The University Curriculum Committee will meet on the following date during Fall 2016:




October 12


9:00 – 10:00

November 16


12:00 – 1:00

December 7


9:00 – 10:00

The University Curriculum Committee will meet on the following weeks during Spring 2017:

Week Starting On

January 8

February 12

March 12

March 26

April 9

April 23

At each meeting the committee will review course proposals received 5 calendar days before the UCC meeting.

Course proposals should reach the UCC before April 15, 2017 to guarantee the publication in the 2017 – 2018 e-bulletin.


Alina Lazar


Department of Computer Science and Information Systems

Chair University Curriculum Committee

Commencement Speaker Suggestions

Commencement Speaker Suggestions

Academic Events Committee

Updated: 11/23/2015


Alphabetical Master List

George Beelen
Alan Brass
Barbara Brothers
Paul Brubaker
Joseph Carson
James Cossler
Sam Covelli
Richard Celeste
Denise DeBartolo-York
Darrell Lynn Grace
Joe Hamrock
Ron Jaworski
David Hume Kennerly
Ikram Khawaja
Don Lewis
Samuel Roth
Maciek Sasinowski
Ted Strickland
George Voinovich
Brian Wolf
Andrea Wood
Louis Zona

Biographies of the people on this list can be found here

Maag Library Survey

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,

Last November the Provost invited several librarians, faculty members, and students to convene a Committee, headed by Mike Crist, to create a 5 year plan for Maag library. This 5 year plan reflects on current statistical info and functions of the library, and what we envision Maag to be in the future. The finalized plan is intended to help the Administration in the hiring of a Library Director, and with future budget allocations to Maag. While this committee is not the same committee as the Maag Committee under the Academic Senate, a few of us are on both committees.

The Provosts Committee, in an effort to better understand how the students utilize the space and what changes they would like to see in the future, have created a student survey, which we would like faculty to administer to their courses so we can get as much input as possible. Below is the link to the survey for your review.

Please be advised that the survey is currently in the IRB expedited review process and should not be administered to the students until that process is completed. An email will be sent when the survey is ready.


Thank you all in advance for your assistance!

Program Review Committee

The following are members of the academic program review committee discussed in Academic Senate yesterday:

  • Corey Andrews
  • Kevin Ball
  • Amy Crawford
  • Diana Fagan
  • Joanne Franks
  • Hillary Fuhrman
  • Carol Lamb
  • Ken Learman
  • Marcia Matanin
  • Joe Mistovich
  • Greg Moring
  • Sal Sanders
  • A.J. Sumell
  • Steve Taraszewski
  • Marilyn Ward

HLC Steering Committee

The following are members of the YSU Reaccreditation Steering Committee as discussed in Senate yesterday.

  • Kevin Ball Coordinating Committee
  • Hillary Fuhrman Coordinating Committee
  • Joseph Palardy Coordinating Committee
  • Tysa Egleton Coordinating Committee, Chair of Federal Compliance Committee
  • Michael Reagle Student Success Representative
  • Mike Crist Criterion I Co-Chair
  • Mary Lou DiPillo Criterion I Co-Chair
  • Gregg Sturrus Criterion II Co-Chair
  • Cathy Bieber Parrott Criterion II Co-Chair
  • Sal Sanders Criterion III Co-Chair
  • Jeff Trimble Criterion III Co-Chair
  • Julia Gergits Criterion IV Co-Chair
  • Joe Mistovich Criterion IV Co-Chair
  • Betty Jo Licata Criterion V Co-Chair
  • Katrena Davidson Criterion V Co-Chair
  • Cary Wecht Communications Co-Chair
  • Ron Cole Communications Co-Chair